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Timor Leste
Traveling with kids

Bali Hai

Bali is left behind, since one month already. It is better like this, posting the…

72 days after

72 days  after its eruption, mount Merapi hides in the clouds. Impartially, it redesigned its…

Filtering, the real shit

What are the chances to get a good cup of coffee ?  Firstly you need…

Weh island time

Island time Weh island, known as Sabang among the locals, is an active volcanic island…

Kopi Luwak – where it comes from?

Searching for Kopi luwak was not a success. Yet.  The search  was not intense at…

In Orange

Not everybody here seams to agree that “orangutan” comes from “orang” , meaning “person” in …

Toba – La Bomba

When the super-volcano in Toba erupted 70000 ago, nobody thought that its the crater will…

Singapore and The Non-Chewing-Gum concept

Believe it or not, this is an old story already. You are now allowed to…

Malaysia – altogheter

For an unparticular reason I never felt attracted by Malaysia. I postponed any occasion to…



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