72 days after

72 days  after its eruption, mount Merapi hides in the clouds.

Impartially, it redesigned its surroundings. Then killed more than 350 people: buried alive or burned by hot ash and lava. 350000 people were evacuated at that time but the situation is not OK, yet. The soil is still burning, secondary impacts are in the daily news: new rivers suddenly appear because the new morphology, sweeping villages or blocking roads within a radius of tens of kilometers , new bodies are found in the ground. Optimistic, people are moving back. Rebuilding their houses, planting palm trees in the fertile volcano soil, opening warungs on the “road”, selling DVDs and photoshoped pictures with volcano eruption under a full moon or offering “lava tours” for the extremers. Living next door to Merapi has a long history. Their ancestors were the ones that once carved the volcanic tuff with the scenes from a story about illumination in Borobudur temple and Ramayana scenes in bas-reliefs of Prambanan , not far from the volcano base .

The pictures here were taken 72 days after Merapi eruption.

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