Filtering, the real shit

What are the chances to get a good cup of coffee ?  Firstly you need some good  coffee, roasted with style and then some other details can mess it or make it the perfect one.  Next comes the atmosphere and all environmental details. Back to the kopi luwak, we were still asking ourselves if the […]

Weh island time

Island time Weh island, known as Sabang among the locals, is an active volcanic island in Aceh region in Andaman sea at the northwestern side of Sumatra. It used to be part of Sumatra, but became separated after a volcano eruption, long long time ago. Not very touristic or developed yet, with colorful and very […]

In Orange

Not everybody here seams to agree that “orangutan” comes from “orang” , meaning “person” in  Indonesian, plus “hutan” meaning “forest”. Not sure why. For me that’s pretty obvious tho, and I’ll go ahead with this assumption: they are the people of the forest. A legend says that orangutans are smart, so smart that they never […]

Toba – La Bomba

When the super-volcano in Toba erupted 70000 ago, nobody thought that its the crater will be such a relaxed place like it is now. There are some reasons why, maybe. 70000 years ago nobody really took care about 2010, and the volcano killed most humans then alive on earth. You like it or not, but […]