Kopi Luwak – where it comes from?

Searching for Kopi luwak was not a success. Yet.  The search  was not intense at all and each guy in town seams to have a different opinion about where to find it. On the other hand, the more you search the more disappointed you get if you can’t find. We are in Banda Aceh now, and we heard that we can find it somewhere here maybe.
We found Gayo kopi instead, being reasonable good. How to make a proper one? After tasting a couple in different warungs, one ” provider” been chosen as the best in town (Takengon).
You’ll need the yolk of an egg, a lot of sugar ( one tablespoon at least, they use more however), some condensed milk ( i think it’s fine without, also) , some good coffee, the mixer and the technique. Watch the making off  in the video bellow and enjoy. One good thing with this kind of coffee is that if you drink two of them in the morning, you don’t really need any  breakfast after. Try it at home!

PS: we finally found it. We bought one pack of kopi luwak and, since then,  we enjoy one cup each morning. Maybe it helps the digestion , since that was already passed through.

Anyway, for the following week, one kopi luwak each morning..in Iboh, Pulau Weh .

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