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For an unparticular reason I never felt attracted by Malaysia. I postponed any occasion to travel this country, but looks like  the time off  doing it came and almost  ended. Maybe because of the unparticular reason mentioned above I was somehow not too much impressed by  the places I’ve seen. Of course three weeks is a very  short time to visit  a  country. I’m sure there are a lot of  fantastic places  we’ve missed in a way or other, some of them were spoiled by the monsoon others were not even visited within  the first leg of our travel. Back to the ones that we’ve seen, there is Kuala Lumpur  of course, the textually The  Muddy Estuary, which is now a shiny  clean city. A little bit too much when comes about skyscrapers. However I have to agree that is one of the most relaxed capital city I’ve seen in SE Asia. Even crowded, I felt OK in the Malay – Indian – Chinese mixture here. Mixture which maybe comes with some bad, however  it brings some colorful views and one of the best cuisine  around.  Then came  the East coast, with some kind of surf lesson in Cherating, Cukai  coming with one of the best coffee, Marang where nothing happens but that’s the way to be, then  Kota Baru .
Kuala Tahan, the main entry point in Taman Negara (The National Park) came with some easy  nice jungle treks, full of leeches and not too  much wild life easy to see. However the river and the jungle itself are enough for some peaceful moments.
Getting to the famous Cameron Highlands should be easy since there are only 200 Km if using one of the new roads. Unfortunately there are no buses on them so we had to choose between the easy and expensive private transportation vs. a series of local buses, jungle train and hitchhiking. Altogether took couple of days on the road, in Jerantut, Kuala Lipis, Gua Musang and, finally Tanah Rata. The green highlands came with the green views over the famous tea plantations,  cool (temperature) jungle treks , expensive strawberries,  mossy forests, then the  excellent Indian and Malay food when back in town.

Heading back  to KL now, to catch our 12 USD flight to Singapore.

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