The batak and the music

Are bataks born with the gift of music or it is just a side effect of drinking  tuak instead of water?  I met this 8 years old kid , not spoiled by tuak yet, and he shown me that his talent is in his blood since he is young, drinking tuak being actually the side effect when growing old.  Left handed, he naturally  turns the guitar up side down and left to right then plays .  In the first video he plays along his brother,  16 years old. Their dream: one day will have enough money to join a music school somewhere in the crappy city of Medan.

On the other hand they already have a music school in place, a very different one for sure. At dusk their family gathers in the small restaurant…the show starts.  There is their mother advertising the show, their uncle improvising, some friend playing a guitar also and those white guys  joining from time to time.  Not sure Medan, with its music school, will bring any good to them.

Bellow some more videos…with those kids, uncle, friends and audience.

Somehow they don’t really need their guitars in tune or all strings attached …making show out of nothing is in their nature… and damn it, how do their tunes resemble  the Caribbean ones?

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