The hunt

Back in 2011 I wrote a story, impressed then by the impact of modern days on the hunters’ village of Lamalera. Despite some anachronistic mixture of new and old stuff, they seemed to resist in their traditions, still. They did it before anyway, when they were given a modern whaling ship. Ship they were abandon soon after, since hunting using it was against all their believes. A more subtle threat I’ve seen there tough. Mobile phones were already working up on the hill nearby, small shops with cheap plastic stuff were already there, markets specially set for visitors brought there by tour companies.

Now, after five years, I wonder what changed there, if anything. I still remember the day I joined that hunting boat, when all my¬† city-boy senses were shaken by the reality of the people living there. In a culture where, so charming, barter was still the way to ‘buy’, in the same time people were hunting one of the smartest and most beautiful creature in the ocean so their community could survive another day. That time I wanted the time to stop and nothing ever change there.

I advise the one who wants to watch the video, first to go back and read Local series – off season . The video is tough at some moments, containing scenes not easily to digest.


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