The land of dragons

Tens of pictures from Nusa Tenggara, literary the South East Island , the home of many wonders. Komodo dragons, colorful volcanic lakes, giant bats and much more. With the last being the new Homo floresiensis, those bemo and ojek drivers across the island of Flores. There are many theories why Komodo dragons can be found on Rinca and Komodo only. However my point is that they simply try to stay away from the new floresiensis. Just to be more clear: an ojek is a motorbike that you hire as a taxi, a bemo is kinda minibus. You will travel for hours, squeezed between chickens, goats , vegetables and listen ‘manele’ ( where the f#(&amp; did they get them?) . Ojek and bemo driver is that guy who pisses you off and the one that the dragons wants to avoid.</h4>
<h4>Back to the wonders, here is the place where one can dive surrounded by tens of manta rays, climb volcanoes with unreal colorful lakes, castaway on islands that you only dream about, breathtaking landscape, rice terraces, crystal clear waters. All those gone almost two months ago. Meantime we’ve been in a country where they like to think that sun rises. I hope one day the sun will rise for them also, but this is a very different story…

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