Weh island time

Island time

Weh island, known as Sabang among the locals, is an active volcanic island in Aceh region in Andaman sea at the northwestern side of Sumatra. It used to be part of Sumatra, but became separated after a volcano eruption, long long time ago. Not very touristic or developed yet, with colorful and very divers aquatic life and some nice coral reefs unfortunately affected by global warming, Pulau Weh is a nice place to relax and dive. Bungalows on the shore, hammocks, crystal clear waters , diving with rays, mantas, sharks, barracudas or simply snorkeling. That’s how we were caught in island time. Brewing our own ginger beer was a half success since, without a proper yeast, it was more like a fermented juice with some subtle alcohol like effects. But anyway, it was something for the Christmas time. And it’s just the beginning.

Before getting on island, we spent couple of days in Banda Aceh. Once named “City of the King”, now it is proudly referred as the “port to Mecca” as maybe Islam first arrived here in Aceh before spreading throughout Southeast Asia.

After spending one week on the island we left Indonesia for a visa run. We left from Banda on 26th of December, on the tsunami day. 6 years after the sad day when 160 000 people died in the tsunami that struck after a 9.3 earthquake, having the epicenter about 200 km off the coast of Banda Aceh . The waves were so huge that they dragged a big ferryboat for 5 km inland. A lot of houses were completely wiped and vanished, but there is masjid, Masjid Raya Baiturrahman which withstand in front of the tsunami  almost untouched. Right now the ferry is still in the middle of a neighborhood, as a proof of nature power.  The city was rebuilt and is maybe one of the nicest in Sumatra.  For me it is the nicest one anyway and, despite the first thought, it is relaxed and friendly. And has best coffee around.

With a short flight we arrived back in KL, we refilled our bellies with some Indian food and now we are back in Indonesia, in Surabaya east Java.

And Merry Christmas , a bit late…but that’s it :).

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