Bali Hai

Bali is left behind, since one month already. It is better like this, posting the Bali stuff after digesting it for some time. Being there I was somehow overwhelmed by too many tourists, to many shops, coffee shops, Italian food restaurants , “genuine ” handcrafts and so on. That’s how Bali looks, at a first glance. Meantime memories, like good wine- damn it, how much I miss it here- , get some more style, giving the fine aftertaste exactly how Bali should be, or it is.
Bali is many places :). Of course there are the beaches .. a lot of them and each with its own charm. Sanur with the stylish buildings, famous by being expensive …we were ok there with 15-20 usd / day. The main cost is not accommodation or food ( some 15 usd for three persons or one dollar for a excellent meal taken at a padang food stall) but the beer. Bali Hai or the regular Bintang Beer will drain you pocket with at least 3 usd each time you open a bottle. And it’s damn hot. Kuta Beach a surfer paradise, with too many parties and all the rest that comes along. Ubud… you need some imagination to segregate the actual beauty out of the actual city scene; all those guys trying to ” transport” you somewhere or to sell you some craft that you don t really need. Then comes the country side , rice fields, volcanoes, cockfighting (YESSS), temples with all those noisy festivities, the east coast still “virgin”.. anyone will find something to feel great.

From Bali we took an overland route to Flores. It took some time, as we made some stops to rest . Flores with it’s contrasts… giant reptiles and bats, extincted mini elephants, and living survivors of Homo floresiensis – an controversy said to be extincted species of Homo..which I’m pretty sure existed, and more.. still exists and ride the ojek-s and bemos ( both being some means of transportation ) and piss you off from down till dusk.

Cockfighting YESSS

here is  short video with some snaps from a cock fighting adhoc arena. Not very EU, but very true to the life. Entering the game will cost 250 k rupiah. The winner gets about 3 millions rupiah .. while the loser gets …a good soup.

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