The hunt

Back in 2011 I wrote a story, impressed then by the impact of modern days on the hunters’ village of Lamalera. Despite some anachronistic mixture of new and old stuff, they seemed to resist in their traditions, still. They did it before anyway, when they were given a modern whaling ship. Ship they were abandon […]

The living dragon

When the group traveling thousands of kilometers just to see the dragon heard the ranger telling that they will maybe not see the reptile in just one trip, they exploded in rage. They were just burning their shortest-in-the-world vacation, spent a lot of money for traveling to Komodo and just bought the newest expensive cameras, […]

When sun goes down in Bali

It is about dusk and Matahari, the eye of the day, is hiding behind the volcano. It is too hot for six thirty in the evening and I feel like this day is abruptly ending too soon. On the hilltop above Jemeluk bay, the same group of people is gathering once again. It is not […]

Elephant in da house

Through the morning mist on the river, the boat coming from downstream made its approach. The two boatmans swiftly exchanged hand signals, then ours turned the long and narrow boat towards a tributary of Kinabatangan river. By now we knew that if a boatman is making the ‘cupped ears’,  that ‘s a sign for encounter […]

Snorkeling with kids

Just a bit before turning three years old, Vlad went real snorkeling and enjoyed real fish and corals by his own. Of course he was using a proper floating costume, some safety string and was closely supervised. Here are some images and a short video. I cut short a longer video, here: After Vlad was […]

Bali, the movie

This is it, I glued together some videos I took in Bali. A bit of temple dance, a bit of cock fighting, gambling games played inside the temple , green rice fields and the creepy music of those big bamboo wind flutes.     Available in full HD

The batak and the music

Are bataks born with the gift of music or it is just a side effect of drinking  tuak instead of water?  I met this 8 years old kid , not spoiled by tuak yet, and he shown me that his talent is in his blood since he is young, drinking tuak being actually the side […]

Local series – off season

Couple of weeks ago I watched “The Cove”, a documentary about a place in Japan where dolphins are slaughtered using a very precise and efficient procedure. Somehow strange to head to Lamalera right after. Lamalera is a small village where locals hunt whales and dolphins, but hunting them here is not banned by any international […]

No more headhunting

some pictures from the last leg of our trip… There was a human skull on the flat stone near the northern beach of Kepa Kecil, but that tourist took it as a souvenir. That was about 15 years ago. Fifty years old locals still remember those times when fellows villagers were fighting the other village […]